Our Authors

Adri Amanti

Romance Author

Adri Amanti is a foreign transplant now living in central Oklahoma with her husband and two cats. She loves history and spends too much time researching details that don’t even make it into her stories. She can often be found at events where she is served wine and allowed to paint. She isn’t good at painting, or playing the guitar, but she doesn’t let that stop her.

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J.M. Bailey

Mainstream Fiction Author

J.M. is a retired high school history teacher who never coached a sport. He lives on a modest acreage in central Oklahoma.

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Kimber Haig

Erotica Author

Kimber Haig always wanted to travel the world, but a lack of finances has kept her living within a 200 mile radius of where she was born. Fortunately, there were always books to take her to faraway and exotic locales. As a single mother, her favorite time of the day is late at night when the kids are finally sleeping and she can slide into a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, a steamy story, and perhaps a toy that isn’t a rubber ducky.

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Steven E. Wedel


Steve writes mostly adult horror, but has branched out to include young adult paranormals, Westerns, juvenile fiction, children’s pictures books, and a memoir. He lives in Midwest City, Okla., with his two dogs.

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